A 28-year-old woman in Netherlands decides to be euthanized despite good physical health; Here’s why

Zoraya ter Beek, 28, a woman from a small town in the Netherlands, has chosen to legally end her life. According to reports, despite being healthy, she chose death because of her terrible mental health issues. She expects to be euthanized in early May of this year.

“I did not want to burden my partner with having to keep the grave tidy,” ter Beek informed the Free Press via text message. “We have not picked an urn yet, but that will be my new house!” she added.

While discussing her mental health challenges, she said that psychiatrists once told her, “There’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better”. At that time, she opted for euthanasia.“I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore,” she said. She has borderline personality disorder, autism and depression.

How will the process take place?

She said that she would undergo the procedure at her own house, laying on the couch in her living room. “The doctor really takes her time. It is not that they walk in and say: lay down please! Most of the time it is first a cup of coffee to settle the nerves and create a soft atmosphere. Then she asks if I am ready. I will take my place on the couch. She will once again ask if I am sure, and she will start up the procedure and wish me a good journey. Or, in my case, a nice nap, because I hate it if people say, ‘Safe journey.’ I’m not going anywhere.” After this, the doctor will inject a sedative and a drug to stop her heart.