Hair care tips: Make your hair healthy with Mint hair masks

Nowadays, be it a man or a woman, everyone loves thick black hair. However, did you know that bad diet, lifestyle and stress are common causes of hair loss? Losing 50 to 100 hairs every day is considered normal. However, when more hair falls than this, it might lead to baldness. Mint contains antibacterial and antiviral qualities which are good for the scalp. Aside from that, these leaves provide a variety of other hair-health benefits. Mint Hair Pack can promote hair growth. However, mint must be applied correctly on hair. Here’s how to make mint hair masks.

To prepare a mint hair pack, first grind some fenugreek seeds and cloves into some mint leaves. Add the aloe vera and mix well after grinding. Next, mix these two into a paste and apply it to your hair. In addition to cleaning your hair’s scalp, which gives your hair nourishment and promotes growth, it also aids in enhancing the blood flow to your hair.

Benefits of mint hair pack

Effective in dandruff

Using a mint hair pack offers numerous advantages to your hair in addition to reducing dandruff. It helps to lessen dandruff and cleans any dirt that has accumulated on the scalp. Aside from this, this hair pack cleans your pores, which are where dirt builds up, preventing your hair from receiving nutrition and causing damage from the inside.

Keeps the scalp cool

Mint hair pack is good for keeping the scalp cool. It reduces oxidative stress and quickens blood flow to your scalp, both of which promote faster hair growth.