4 protein rich foods to help build muscles

Food plays an important function in keeping the body fit. If the diet is nutritious, the body’s energy levels are maintained and it aids in muscular development. People who work out at the gym, in particular, include various foods in their diets to build muscle and provide the body with a sufficient amount of protein. Protein-rich diets are required, particularly before and after exercise. Here 5 protein-rich foods to help build muscles.

1. Peanut Butter

Spreading peanut butter is a healthy and great way to get your protein intake. When taken in an appropriate amount, it provides 31% of the recommended daily protein. You can help satisfy your protein demands by including this in your regular diet.

2. Paneer

Paneer can be added to both pre-exercise nutritious meals and in post-exercise meals, which will offer higher nutrition. Whether paneer is the main part of your diet or not, It eventually results in muscle gain and makes your body healthy as well as properly- shaped. Paneer can be a part of your diet irrespective of whether you follow a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian diet.

3. Chole

Chole is used mostly in diet because of its taste but protein is also present in enough quantity in it to give it good health values as well. Chickpeas can be boiled/cooked and their tasty salads and chaat can be prepared.

4. Yogurt

The body receives a large quantity of protein from Greek yoghurt. Eating it contributes to muscular growth and maintains healthy health. Greek yoghurt tastes great if topped with dried fruits, apples and berries.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.