4 reasons why quitting tea and coffee may be good for health

The love of tea and coffee is one thing that Indians all across the world have in common. You’re not alone if you can’t function without your daily cup of tea or coffee. For many of us, drinking tea is our favourite way of starting the day and providing the much-needed energy boost to get through an exhausting day at work. While occasionally having a cup of tea or coffee doesn’t harm you, consuming too much of it can negatively affect your health. Here are 5 reasons why quitting tea and coffee may be good for health.

No anxiety

If you quit drinking tea and coffee for a month, you will not experience anxiety or despair. Heavy intake causes the heart to beat faster than usual. This raises the risk of anxiety attacks. Individuals who are already suffering from mental health should avoid it.

Promotes good sleep

Caffeine addiction can also affect your sleep. Avoid drinking tea or coffee at night. Moreover, always have tea six hours before going to bed.

Nutrients do absorb

Your body may absorb nutrients like calcium, iron and B vitamins more easily if you don’t consume coffee.

Keep your teeth healthy

Heavy consumption of tea and coffee can also be harmful to teeth. t stains the teeth. Caffeinated drinks, such as soda, tea and coffee, can change the levels of estrogen.