Long distance relationship: 5 tips for couples to build intimacy remotely

With the rise of technology, long-distance relationships have become more convenient. They no longer have to wait for mail delivery or limit their long-distance calls because of texting and video conferencing. Long distance relationships have grown more common as more people choose to work remotely, pursue further education abroad and establish themselves outside of their hometowns. Because of this, developing remote intimacy is now more crucial than ever. The ability to emotionally and physically connect with someone despite being physically apart is referred to as remote intimacy. Here are 5 tips for couples to build intimacy remotely.

1. Practice open communication

Successful relationships are built on effective communication. There is a sense of safety in a relationship when we are heard and understood. Consequently, practice open communication with your partner by expressing yourself honestly and respectfully, rather than holding your feelings inside or lashing out in anger when anything goes wrong. This will establish an atmosphere where your partner feels safe enough to be vulnerable and show them that you trust them enough to do the same.

2. Share pictures and video chat regularly

Sharing images and video chats with your partner regularly via different applications and platforms can keep you in touch and allow you to share experiences in real time. To keep the intimacy going, do regular video conferences and talk about your everyday activities. To let your partner know you’re thinking of them, surprise them with pictures or videos.

3. Respect individual boundaries and space

For emotional development to take place in any healthy relationship, boundaries are necessary. Give each other space when it’s necessary, respecting each other’s boundaries and refusing to doubt your partner in the process.

 4. Always making an effort

It takes time and effort to make an attempt, but the effort is worth it. Your relationship can get stronger when you’re willing to put in the effort to show your partner how much you value and are committed to it. It’s crucial to keep in mind that making an effort is a two-way street.

5. Set an intimacy goal for each visit

The aim can be anything that helps you enhance your intimacy and connection, such as having more meaningful talks, attempting new things together, or spending more quality time in each other’s presence. Setting intimate goals will help keep you motivated and focused on developing a deep physical and emotional connection with your partner.